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About Us

Serantau Advisory assist organisations in improving their business models, operational processes, and management practices. We work closely with our clients to propel the essential company values that provide them with a competitive edge. Through value-based management adaptation, we unlock objectivity, practical ideas, and approaches in building the client’s superior operation and management capabilities.

We have nurtured several consultants to create and deliver all our solutions. We work by supporting our clients with a complete implementation plan and guidance throughout the implementation phase.

Serantau Advisory office is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We serve clients in every industry, small and large, globally.

Value Proposition

  • Long-term growth

    Whatever the issue, our focus is to assist clients in improving their objectivity by increasing long-term value.

  • Rigorous standards for performance

    The heart of our work is the belief that exceptional growth in value requires a company to build profitable differences from competitors. So we help clients arrive at highly original answers to their needs - solutions that focus on those issues and opportunities with the most significant potential impact on growing company value.

  • Collaborative consulting approach

    We deliver results, not only reports. We work side-by-side with the client throughout the implementation phase to create and implement practical solutions right to the end.

  • People who challenge with empathy

    We believe that consultants fail their clients when they tell them what they think the client wants to hear or when they presume to know better. So instead, we challenge our clients while seeking to understand their unique obstacles to change - remembering that our business is to serve without compromising on ethics. 


If you are keen to be part of our team, drop us an email, and we will get back to you.

Please be sure that you are:-

  • genuinely interested and have a desire to build and grow in practice;

  • promising approaches in problem-solving and decision making;

  • excellent communication skills in both Bahasa Malaysia and English;

  • confidence with humbleness; and

  • independent thinking with solid collaborative skills. 

At present, there are no positions made available. 


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